Pest and disease are differendtiated based on their size. Pest is bigger than the organism, which causes disease in plants. Pest is a plant disturbing and destructing animals. One of the animal phylum  as the plant pests is Mollusca.


The characteristics of Mollusca are:
1.The body is soft, not jointed, and rich of mucus.
2.Protected by shell that making of calcium.
 Mollusca contains of 3 class, there are:
1.Shellfish ( Lamellibranchata )
2.Cuttlefish  and  Squid ( Cephalopoda )
3. Snail (Gastropoda )


There are lived on solid, sea, and fresh water. Many snails ate plants but several ate animal other.
That lived on soil breath with lungs and walking by stomach muscle while uttered  the mulcus but in water breath with gill.
Snail is hermaphrodite or has pair of sex.

The Reason Why Snail Called as Plant Pest

Many snails ate plants, like Golden Snail. Golden snail is the pest, which eats the seedling paddy. This kind of pest can destroy 50% - 80% of paddy in a section of a field. Besides eating the paddy seedling, it also eats corn, orange, and some decorated plants.

Suffer of Plant Pest

Farmers getting the suffers if the plants   isn’t growth with perfectly. One of other   cause the pest, like snail. If it isn’t ignore,    the materials of food can decrease. But we         can solving this problem with several    methods.

Types of Pest Controlling

1.Physical Method:
 a. Cut the part of plant that attacked by pest
2. Biology Method:
 a. Use The Natural Predator
  The natural predator of snail is duck, but duck only can eats the little snail.

Types of Pest Controlling

3. Chemical Method:
 a. Giving the pesticide to the plant.
This method is the most used of many farmers in Indonesia, cause pesticide is cheap and easy to use. But many the negative crashes, there are:
a.Disturbing the harmony of ecosystem
b.Danger for human body
c.Damaged the round of domain


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